Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges Board member Phil Huxford attended the third annual Friends Academy, held at the USFWS National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia.   Each participant received electronic copies of all presentations and handouts.   These documents are posted here.

Please note that some of the PowerPoint presentations are quite large, and may take several minutes to download.

Welcome 485 KB
Welcome - Logistics 101 6106 KB
Citizen Science and Master Naturalists 1080 KB
Cornell Lab of Ornithology 21589 KB
Defenders of Wildlife 1121 KB
Grant Writing for Friends Groups 16157 KB
Land Acquisition and Protection Strategies 2133 KB
National Friends Program - Building a Constituency 35261 KB
NFWF - Applying for Grants 4907 KB
NFWF101 4749 KB
NWRA: Addressing Challenges 13513 KB
NWRS Historical Overview 85173 KB
NWRS Priorities - Law Enforcement 28085 KB
NWRS Priorities - People 10947 KB
NWRS Priorities - Wildlife and Habitat 32582 KB
NWRS Resource and Challenges 25204 KB
NWRS Strategic Plan and Budget 6082 KB
Project Bud Burst 14064 KB
Refuge Management Team 94571 KB
Resource Challenge - Contaminants and Water Quality 13884 KB
Resource Challenge - Global Climate Change 10134 KB
Resource Challenge - Invasive Species 59209 KB
Transportation Programs 13723 KB
Transportation Program 1 13035 KB
Transportation Program 2 18572 KB

Climate Change Adaptation 276 KB
Coordinator Contact List 17 KB
Ecological Context 6530 KB
Ecology and Biology Online Resources 175 KB
Engaging Volunteers and the Public in Invasive Plant Issues and Management 108 KB
Fingerprints of global warming on wild animals and plants 210 KB
Intersex fish: Endocrine disruption in smallmouth bass 932 KB
Invasive Species Program Fact Sheet 911 KB
National Scenic Byways Guide 446 KB
NFWF Grant Programs 58 KB
Program Fact Sheet 135 KB
Roads and Trails Program 99 KB
SmarxT Disposal 31 KB
Transportation Enhancement Program Funds 215 KB
Transportation Planning Guidebooks 170 KB
Transportation Points of Contact 112 KB

Group Photo of participants (high resolution)
National Conservation Training Center website
NCTC Campus Map:
NCTC Road Map: