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Updated May 2017

Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Mailing Address

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex
2547 County Road 316
Brazoria, TX 77422-7703
979-964-4021 (fax)

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges

Mailing address

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges
P.O Box 505
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566-0505
844-84-BIRDS (844-842-4737)
Officers and Board of Directors
Ed Barrios President 979-297-1815 (h)
979-415-4998 (c)
Ron Bisbee Vice President 979-548-6276 (h) bisbee@refugefriends.org
Mickey Dufilho Secretary 979-798-8460 (h) dufilho@refugefriends.org
Richard Schaffhausen Treasurer 281-630-0280 (c) schaffhausen@refugefriends.org
Oron Atkins Member at Large 979-265-7629 (h)
979-236-2067 (c)
Marty Cornell Member at Large 979-297-2235 (h) cornell@refugefriends.org
Judy Green Member at Large 979-308-5402 (c) bleujanne@gmail.com
Phil Huxford Member at Large 979-798-0725 (h)
979-236-2831 (c)
Jeanne Manry Member at Large 979-345-3206 (h)
713-828-8544 (c)
David Plunkett Member at Large
Kim Richardson Member at Large 979-297-8111 (h) richardson@refugefriends.org
Torry Tvedt Member at Large 979-849-8725 (h) tvedt@refugefriends.org
Website Editors
Kristin Plunkett Website (FOBWR)
Website (MC)

David Plunkett Facebook (FOBWR)
Facebook (MC)


Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors, 2015-16
Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors, 2015-16.   From left: Ed Barrios (President), Marty Cornell (at large), Tom Taroni (formerly at large), Ron Bisbee (Vice President), Mickey Dufilho (Secretary), Neal McLain (at large), Phil Huxford (at large), David Plunkett (at large), Torry Tvedt (at large).   Non shown: Oron Atkins (at large), Judy Green (at large), Jeanne Manry (at large), Kim Richardson (at large), Richard Schaffhausen (Treasurer)    Photo: Cody Dingee.