Betty Brown Unit of SBNWR
Brazoria County, Texas

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  • The ten-acre Betty Brown Unit was acquired by the Fish & Wildlife Service in 2006.   It's located on County Highway 819B, and fronts directly onto the San Bernard River.   The new trail connects a small parking lot to the riverfront.

    The property was donated to USFWS by FOBWR members Lolita and Bob Muhm.   The name "Betty Brown" is a traditional name for the slough or pond that bisects the property.

    Betty Brown Unit is located in the USGS Cedar Lane NE, Texas 7.5-minute quadrangle.

    Map: Roger Allen Satmap-700.png
    Betty Brown Unit of San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge

    Map:Roger Allen SatmapCU-700.png
    The property consists of a slightly-elevated ridge (former river bank) near the parking lot and trail entrance, a central low portion or slough (former river channel, with a boardwalk) with ponds on each end (the eastern end is on an adjacent property), and the current natural levee (ridge) along the San Bernard River

    Photo: Chris Kneupper treeoverpath.jpg
    All sections are now wooded, although the area appears to have been partially cleared in recent decades (especially the slough channel itself), so the forest is relatively young. However, some older large Live Oak trees have survived.

    Photo: Roger Allen creek-new.jpg
    A small pour-off drainage ditch connects the slough to the river, which is crossed by the trail at two points, becoming a small tidal creek in the section nearest to the river.